LAPD: ‘Pre-emptive’ arrests made to…

LAPD: ‘Pre-emptive’ arrests made to get terror info

In response to the national terrorism alert, Los Angeles police have made “a number of pre-emptive arrests,” a high-ranking LAPD source said Tuesday.

Those arrests were made in the past 48 hours and included people who came to authorities’ attention after the September 11, 2001, al Qaeda terror attacks in the United States.

The source stressed that none has been charged with any terrorism-related offense but were rounded up on unrelated charges — in one case, credit card fraud — in an effort to get information about possible threats. None of those picked up was identified.

This is just a lit-tle bit too Orwellian for me. A “pre-emptive” arrest? And just what might that be?

All I want for Christmas is my constitutional rights…

Thanks go to Shock and Awe for the link to the story!

Update: The CNN story quoted above has vanished from CNN, with the link now pointing to a story with no mention of preemptive arrests. A search can’t find the story either. Hmmm.