Tribal war inna Babylon

Tribal war inna Babylon

It IS fun watching right wingers foam in rage at billionaire George Soros and his pledge to stop George Bush from being reelected. It appears they are utterly befuddled to discover a real live take-no-prisoners billionaire believes, as Soros does, that Bush is the “biggest threat to world peace”.

Conservatives are fuming over the $15.5 million that billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros has pledged to defeat President Bush. But they’re also anxious to fight back and expose what they consider to be Soros’ “immoral” beliefs and atheist leanings.

Has the world come to an end? Not only is a billionaire plotting to destroy the Bush presidency, he is <Do you smell the sulphur and hear the mad cackling Satanic laughter?> an atheist too!

Several prominent conservatives told that Soros’ “moral bankruptcy” would prove disastrous for the Democratic Party

Indeed, I’ve oft-noted that conservatives have a deep and abiding concern for the well being of the Democratic Party. How wonderful it is they are offering their condolences now, as the crocodile tears spill down their faces.