The FBI thought Walt Disney…

The FBI thought Walt Disney might be a commie?

Walt Disney’s FBI files. Walt Disney’s FBI files are a hoot — all 450 pages worth. Mostly, they consist of various Feebs (all the way up to Hoover, whom field agents call “The Boss”) fretting that Disney’s farce comedies like That Darn Cat (which was based on a novel written by a retired Agent who was a constant thorn in the Bureau’s side) would cast a disparaging light on the Bureau and speculating about how to convince Walt to change the FBI agents to a different species of Fed cop — SS, Park Ranger, anything but the G-Men. Also noteworthy: trying to figure out if Walt is a Commie, debating whether they should let Walt film the crime-lab as part of a Mickey Mouse Club “future careers” spot. 2.8MB PDF Link, 3MB PDF Link, 2.7MB PDF Link
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