Perishables are scarcer at some…

Perishables are scarcer at some supermarkets

The supermarket union got a boost Monday, when 8,000 Teamster drivers and warehouse workers agreed not to cross warehouse picket lines.

The stores say they haven’t missed a beat, using replacement workers to make deliveries and staff warehouses.

Ralphs spokesman Terry O’Neal said Friday that the company had brought on 300 drivers and 1,400 warehouse workers, and was looking to hire more.

 “It’s our intention, as long as strikes last, to continue to operate our stores, serve our customers and provide them with the quality product that they are accustomed to,” O’Neal said.

Whoa Terry, let’s whip our Mr. Calculator and run the numbers. 8,000 Teamsters on strike. You’ve hired 1.700 untrained scabs, so that puts you 6,300 people short. I’m guessing your shelves will be nearly empty soon.