Democrats worry about Greens’ S.F….

Democrats worry about Greens’ S.F. momentum

Reeling party hopes progressives won’t desert for Gonzalez

The officially non-partisan race for mayor of San Francisco has become a high-stakes battleground for the Greens and the Democrats, with both sides bringing in help from across the nation.

“Matt Gonzalez has a chance to become a Green and progressive mayor of one of the nation’s biggest cities,” said Marnie Glickman, national co-chair of Green Party. “Greens across the country can contribute to the campaign, raise money for the campaign or they can volunteer, and we’re doing all three.”

California Democrats are still reeling from last month’s recall election, when the state voted overwhelmingly to dump Gov. Gray Davis and replace him with Republican film star Arnold Schwarzenegger. If Gonzalez beats Newsom in one of the nation’s most Democratic communities, it would be both a public relations and a political disaster for the party.

Such a defeat would be the Democrats own empty-headed fault. Quick – what does the California Democratic Party stand for? Not sure, are you? But I bet you can tell me what Greens and California Republicans stand for, right? And therein lies their problem. Lordy, they just had an incumbent governor unseated by a lunkhead actor. That is beyond dismal – and should serve as an important clue that something is Seriously Wrong.

“Democrats around the country are concerned,” said Eric Jaye, Newsom’s political consultant. “A Green Party victory in San Francisco could hurt (Democratic Sen.) Barbara Boxer and could cost us her Senate seat.”

That’s just silly! A nuclear bomb couldn’t knock Boxer out of office. And many Greens will no doubt vote for her. The Newsom campaign, like too many Democrats, seems to stand for little and then blames others for their own ineptness.

That a Green has a serious chance of being mayor of S.F. is a telling example how rudderless the California Democratic Party has become. This mayoral race should be a slam-dunk for them. And it’s not. Which indicates to me they are in big trouble.

They should study why Howard Dean will probably be the Democrat candidate for President. That’s how to win.