This amazing website packs a stupendous number of useful links onto the home page, and displays them all neatly and in a highly readable format – not an easy task! There are links to reference tools, dictionaries, headlines, newspapers, detailed subject categories, government links, and lots more.

The newspaper page, for example, lists newspapers from all 50 states and multiple countries as well – a highly practical and helpful list. And the site has many more lists like this. It gets 800,000 hits a day, has a miniscule number of ads, and, as mentioned, about a zillion handy links. Basically run as a labor of love, the editor is doing the yearly fundraiser to keep it going – so PayPal him if you can!

You may have heard of the editor’s son, who apparently learned from Dad how to present lots of information on a text-based website in a readable, logical format.