Breaking news: Grocery unions to…

Breaking news: Grocery unions to sue grocery companies for anti-trust

Over the weekend.,  Deep Audit, our resident forensic accountant, mentioned the KNX news website said Ralphs had an hidden agreement to share profits with the other grocery firms in the strike, and that the unions might sue.

The story was gone when she went back to find the link, so, we thought maybe it was unconfirmed so the story was pulled.

However, as it turns out, the story was accurate!

A highly reliable source who is close to the story has confirmed to PoliZeros that “the grocery companies do have a profit sharing agreement, referred to specifically as a ‘mutual-aid pact.’  The unions are going to sue over it; they will soon file an state anti-trust lawsuit and others close to the union will file a shareholders derivative suit as well.”

Menawhile, these grocery stores are having trouble stocking the shelves and keeping their stores in order, neatly demonstrating that the scabs working there now don’t have the skills the union workers have. Further, many stores have reduced their operating hours and may even close on Thanksgiving – testament to the power of the strike.