The battle for the Democratic…

The battle for the Democratic Party

Ryan Lizza notes the division in the Democrat party over Howard Dean “is less about ideology than about power. Three years after Bill Clinton left office, he and Hillary still control what remains of a Democratic establishment…”

“Dean, by contrast, has come to represent the party’s anti-establishment forces… No Democrats closely associated with the Clintons are working for the Dean campaign. In fact, it’s hard to find a Clintonite who speaks favorably of the former Vermont governor. This evident schism is not just about Dean’s opposition to the war–or even his prospects in the general election. It’s a turf war to decide who will control the future of the party.”

Thus, a Dean Presidency not only means the end of Bush, it means the end of the Clintons, who, thanks to their bizarre insistence that the only way Democrats can win is by being mini-me Republicans, presided over and helped cause the disintegration of the Democratic Party.  I expect the Clintons to attempt to sabotage Howard Dean, even if this puts puts Bush in the White House again, because hey, then Hillary could run in 2008. Am I too cynical? I think not. These two dismal craven hacks need to be knocked out of power along with Dubya.

Interestingly, their anti-Dean stance appears to put them directly in the line of fire of billionaire George Soros’ campaign to defeat Bush and elect a Democrat.