L.A. Times discovers meth

L.A. Times discovers meth

I’m always bemused by these types of articles, wherein major media discovers that people are, omigod, using methamphetamines, as if it’s something new. It’s not. There were lots of speed freaks in the 60’s (I was one of  them), and speed never did go away.

Meth is a nasty highly addictive drug that makes people twitchy, paranoid, and maybe even violent. More than maybe any other drug, it wreaks havoc on your body, rotting teeth and things like that. There aren’t many old speed freaks, they either quit using it (like me) or die young.

Maybe it’s because speed has a reputation of being used by white, mostly rural, working class people that it flies under the radar of the urban-looking media. Actually, as this article points out in a somewhat startled tone, it’s used by all sorts and classes of people. Again, this should come as no surprise.

And oh yeah, meth will screw up your life faster than any drug except maybe crack. Stay away from it.

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