Infinite Matrix on Arnold

Infinite Matrix on Arnold

The Infinite Matrix, a SF/art site asked authors, editors, etc. about Arnold winning in Cali.

William Gibson
I forget whether, in the Virtual Light books, Arnold is president of the US or merely Governor of SoCal, but, hey, it looks like I’ve gone and been prescient again. I hate it when that happens.

Harlan Ellison
What do I actually think about all this foofaraw? To quote Thomas Jefferson, who was rewording le Comte de Maistre: “People get pretty much the kind of government they deserve.”

Karen Joy Fowler
Once again we writers learn that realism is an inadequate tool for any depiction of the real world.

Ellen Klages
He’s still smarter than the President.

Rudy Rucker, Jr.
The last time California had an uberactor, some kick-ass punk rock came out of San Francisco! Yeah Haw!

Cory Doctorow
The American future is not only increasingly weird, it’s also increasingly parochial. The idea of a non-American tomorrow is growing so inconceivable to the inward-looking country that it is only a matter of time until this country’s tomorrow fractures off into its own parallel universe.

Nisi Shawl
What will we do next, elect a cartoon character?

Len Wein
Arnold is in office.
The Cubs and the Red Sox are both in the playoffs.
Exactly how many signs of the Apocolypse does that count as?

Jay Kinney
Clearly, if science fiction had never existed, Arnold would never have been elected. He achieved his greatest success portraying a cyborg from the future, and starred in a Philip K Dick-based movie, Total Recall, whose title prefigured the recall election. Maybe science fiction’s next task should be to imagine a future without science fiction.