Rush Limbaugh is a big…

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat drug addict

Radio talk show host and political commentator Rush Limbaugh stunned listeners Friday when he admitted that he is addicted to painkillers.

He admitted this no doubt to get ahead of the story, as he may get indicted for buying downers on the street, just like those horrid addicts he foams at the mouth against. Our favorite big fat right wing idiot has delivered many hate-filled blowhard tirades against drug users, and hey, it now appears he was probably high when he made them. What a monumental hypocrite.

You suppose Rush will do time if he’s convicted for buying drugs illegally? Or will he start whining like some pansy liberal that addicts need treatment not prison?

Interestingly, the investigation is in Florida, a state with no mercy for drug users. Hoist by your own petard, eh Rush?

From TheGoFish


Oh Rush, didn’t you once say that drug addicts ought to be deported from this country and left to battle it out, Lord of the Flies style, on their own private island?

When does your plane leave?

Meanwhile Tommy Chong just started a nine month sentence for selling bongs.