Same tune, different country

Same tune, different country

Bushies want sanctions On Syria

The Bush administration is lifting its objections to legislation that would impose sanctions on Syria until the country has ceased support for terrorist groups and halted development of chemical and biological weapons

And war too, probably

Bolstered by U.S. support for an airstrike against Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he would not hesitate to attack Israel’s enemies anywhere–heightening concerns Israel may widen the conflict with the Palestinians by again striking at nations it accuses of harboring terrorists.

We’ve been here before haven’t we? Talking tough about sanctions against “evildoers”, illegal airstrikes inside other countries, all of which leads to the US invading yet another country. The US is already deep in quaqmires in Afghanistan and Iraq with troops already spread much too thin, yet the loonies in DC are itching to invade Syria too.

Well, Dubya is doing poorly in the polls, isn’t he? Gotta pump those numbers up somehow.