Recall mania

Recall mania

California Democrat Party state spokesman Bob Mulholland said his party is giving Arnold Schwarzenegger just 100 days before a new recall effort may be launched. 

Bob Mulholland is a nasty pompous horses ass but a recall may well be possible given that Arnold can’t possibly fulfill his campaign promises and if, as Greg Palast says, Arnold tries to bail out the Texas energy companies by letting them settle for pennies on the dollar, his constituency may well turn on him, and fast.

Already press reports indicate that Democrats have $3 million prepared for a new recall effort. Also, Hollywood billionaire Stephen Bing has promised to finance any Democratic-backed recall effort.

Steve Lopez of the LA Times opines,  

Der Gropenfuhrer muscles his way into office

 Yes, we all know this was primarily about the hated Gov. Gray Davis, not Schwarzenegger.

We know there was growing rage about the way business is done in Sacramento, where lobbyists own every lawmaker. 

 But let’s give Arnold the credit he deserves.

If you can trample your own campaign promises, avoid talking about fixes for the state’s problems, drive a Hummer in smog city, get accused of pawing 15 women, and still captivate an electorate in which Democrats hold a huge advantage, you deserve to be governor.

And the people deserve to have you.