D.C. bribes Turkey to send…

D.C. bribes Turkey to send troops to Iraq

Washington has offered Turkey $8.5 billion to support its fragile economy and indicated the loan depends upon on Turkey’s active support for peacekeeping in Iraq.

And Turkey may also get US troops to fight Kurds

The authority to deploy troops also gives Turkey another bargaining chip in its campaign to persuade the Americans to move against the rebels of the Kurdish PKK who occupy mountain strongholds in northern Iraq.

However the vast majority of the populace of Turkey strongly opposes Turkish troops in Iraq, so major unrest looms large.

In other Iraq news

Jobless soldiers fuel anti-US riots in Iraq

Baghdad, Basra, and Bayji have been the scenes of unrest and rioting in recent days.

3 GI’s die in attacks

A roadside bomb in this farming community about 25 miles south of Baghdad killed two American soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division and an Iraqi translator on Monday night