California chaos will continue no…

California chaos will continue no matter who wins

Ronald Brownstein in the LA Times

It’s conceivable that Democrats could use these late-breaking charges as the justification for launching a drive to recall the newly elected governor. It might be only bluster, but Democratic insiders say at least one deep-pockets donor already has promised to fund a new petition drive if the party is willing to launch it.

Though some polls over the weekend showed slipping support for the recall, the dissatisfaction with Davis may still give the governorship to Schwarzenegger. Yet if Schwarzenegger wins, he will be as bruised and battered as any newly elected office-holder in recent memory.

His final bus tour left little doubt that Schwarzenegger has built an enthusiastic base. But he would also arrive in office facing hostility from almost as many voters as Davis.

The safest prediction may be this: Whoever survives Tuesday, Californians can expect more broken glass and twisted metal ahead.

If it’s Schwarzenegger, I absolutely guarantee non-stop, constantly escalating demonstrations, actions, protests, and campaigns against him and the lumpen his handlers so assiduously attract and court.


noun.  a member of the crude and uneducated lowest class of society

adj. degraded section of the proletariat, from Lump, contemptible person

If he’s elected, the anti-Arnold demos and actions of the past few days are mere warmups to what is coming, trust me on this!