Why vote Green if it…

Why vote Green if it might help Arnold?

Green Party candidate Peter Camejo explains why.

Regardless of the outcome of the recall, the Democrats will still control both houses of the legislature and every other statewide office. Whether or not they will continue to pay attention to our issues after the election will depend, in large part, on the size of the Green vote. If too many Greens abandon the Party and vote for Bustamante, the Democrats will feel they can safely ignore us. On the other hand, if we produce a large Green vote, the Democrats will know that they have to keep paying attention.

That said, Peter understands those voters who cannot place any of the above considerations above their fear of a Republican winning the governorship. It is always a wiser choice to vote Green, but Peter will not condemn those voters who feel forced to vote for a Democrat like Cruz Bustamante.

Vote for Peter Camejo and keep our issues on the front burner.

He also says vote No on the recall.

After flip-flopping on this for a few days, I now plan to take his advice on both votes. Yes both.