Has Bush become a threat…

Has Bush become a threat to the ruling elite?

Saul Landau on the CounterPunch home page

Have some heavy weight members of the old wealthy families reached a consensus that George W. Bush constitutes a clear and present danger to their fortunes’ future?

Sporadic editorials from establishment house organs like the New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times should alert the newly enlivened Democrats that they could receive substantial support from some of the upper crust.

Indeed, this is something friends and I in ANSWER have noticed. Bush is making the monied class nervous. He’s too rash, out of control, unthinking. He’s started wars we can’t afford, wars which alienate the planet from us, wars we can’t extricate ourselves from. Business needs things functioning in an orderly predictable manner. Bush, by his idiot arrogant fumblings, has made things quite unpredictable. In other words, Bush is bad for business.

And power elites very much dislike people who are bad for business.