The California recall election and…

The California recall election and campaign contributions

If you’re wondering why Peter Camejo, the Green Party candidate for Governor in the California recall, has no ads running in print, TV or radio, it’s because he can’t afford it. The Green Party bans contributions from corporations and PACs, and strictly limits how much an individual can give. All well and noble, yet such underfunding makes running an effective statewide campaign beyond difficult in a state with 35 million people.

Recall Watch tracks the money contributed to the various recall campaigns. Camejo has raised just $49,000, compared to $777,000 for Huffington, 1.6 million for McClintock, 4.2 million for Bustamante, and 15.4 million for Schwarzenegger, of which 9.5 million comes from Schwarzenegger himself.

All this info, plus the names of contributors can be easily discovered using their handy advanced search page. There’s some fascinating info here, happy digging!