The Right watching the Left

The Right watching the Left

CommieWatch, a right wing blog that thinks it knows what the Left is doing, is just as interested in the Josh Connole case as PoliZeros is! In fact, they linked to my photo of Josh and his lawyer at  a recent ANSWER meeting. Their speculations about Josh and ANSWER, however, border on ludicrous for anyone actually near the case. CommieWatch is part of, are you ready, Watchers of Weasels, a revolving group of blogs apparently dedicated to figuring out what the heck the Left is up to. It may just be my admitted biases but most of the Watchers, from my quick spin through their blogs, seem decidedly on the lame side. Not much substance. 

CommieWatch is by far the best of them, and is at least intelligently written by Greg Yardley, a staff writer for David Howowitz’s hard right Center for the Study of Popular Culture. He says the blog is strictly personal but hey it sure seems like a front organization to me. (Note: this is my little jest, as he says ANSWER is a front..)

Ah, the things I discover by reading the referrer logs for PoliZeros! (Referrer logs track where hits for a website come from)

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