More on Josh Connole

More on Josh Connole

Josh Connole and William Paparian, his lawyerJosh Connole and his lawyer William Paparian spoke last night at the regular Tuesday ANSWER LA meeting. Josh of course was recently arrested for the Hummer firebombings then quickly freed when it became apparent the FBI had no proof at all. In fact Josh said the FBI didn’t even question the fourteen other people who live in his co-op about where he was that night. Not a single question. How very curious.

The co-op residents are still waiting to get their computers back and his lawyer said the search was illegal because warrants specifically rule out searches after 10 pm, and this particular search was filmed by many TV crews as it happened – which was well after 10 pm.

He said the policer also took address books and, for example, one house member had a listing for a friend he hadn’t seen in four years who lived on the East Coast. That person was questioned by the FBI.

So why did they arrest Connole and not even bother to question his housemates? And why the huge expenditure of resources for a case where they are so obviously wrong?

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