Speaking of coal

Speaking of coal

50% of the electric power for the City of Los Angeles comes from coal. That’s right, coal. It’s against the law to burn coal for power in California so the coal is burned in Arizona, Utah, and Nevada where it stinks up their state, then sent to L.A. via power lines where it loses about 11% of the power during transmission. I suspect the coal is probably mined in Appalachia then sent by trains to the West, as Appalachian coal is higher quality than Western coal. What a bizarre, messy wasteful system.

In fairness it should be mentioned the the City of L.A. also has a Green Energy plan. It costs about 10% more per month and they agree to buy that power from renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal.

But still, Green Power accounts for just 2%  of LA DWP power while deeply polluting coal is 50%.

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