Dalai Lama maybe not so…

Dalai Lama maybe not so warm and fuzzy

From MetaFilter

The myth of the “friendly and harmless” Dalai Lama exposed.

While the Lama’s PR machine runs in high gear here in the states only a few voices have come out about the truth behind the oppressive theocracy that was Tibet and how specially sanitized and marketed the Lama is when he crosses the Atlantic. It turns out the Lama isn’t very different than any other man in a position of power and has much more in common with the Pope than, say, Deepak Chopra.

Indeed. One primary reason that the Chinese were able to topple the feudal theocracy that was Tibet and at whose pinnacle sat the Dalai Lama, was because the Buddhist temples and wealthy landowners ruled the country with an iron fist and everyone else was a serf with no rights.