Iraqi councilwoman shot

Iraqi councilwoman shot

Men firing assault rifles and grenades seriously wounded Aqila Al-Hashimi, a member of the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council, yesterday, in the latest of attacks against Iraqis who cooperate with the U.S. occupation.

The is a major escalation by the insurgents. The woman who was shot was a ranking member of Saddam’s regime before being appointed by us to be on the Council.

Al-Hashimi is a linguist with a doctorate in modern literature who rose to senior levels of Saddam Hussein’s foreign ministry. She reportedly has impressed U.S. officials with her pragmatism and efficiency.

The Fugs have a song on their new CD about people like her. It’s called "Chameleon".

And oh, didn’t Bush once loudly proclaim Saddam supporters wouldn’t be allowed in a new government? Or was that just one more instance where he "misspoke"?