Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride leaves…

Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride leaves L.A.

As mentioned here on 9/10, the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride will be converging on DC on Oct 2 with buses arriving from 10 cities. The L.A. rally today was a send-off for the two buses from L.A. and about 2,000 people were there, primarily from unions who had clearly done a huge organizing job.

The L.A. Freedom Riders will spend two weeks travelling to D.C.  They will be stopping in many cities along the way to meet local activists, get media attention. They also plan to meet with many of the original Freedom Riders from the 60’s (who have enthusiastically supported this Ride.)

Rev. James Lawson spoke at the rally. He was an original Freedom Rider and was arrested many times in the South in the early 60’s. Mayor Hahn spoke, as did several members of the City Council. This Freedom Ride has been meticulously organized and I expect it’ll be making national headlines.

After they converge on DC for a rally, they head to NJ for another rally, then the final massive rally in NYC where they expect 300,000 people.