Life imitates art: Doonesbury incites…

Life imitates art: Doonesbury incites flash mob

A “Doonesbury” comic strip attracted some 100 real-life fans of Howard Dean to the base of the Space Needle, where at 10:35 Saturday morning <Sep 13> they jumped up and down, cheering their favorite presidential candidate.

The brief bit of political theater -about 15 seconds long – followed directions for a “flash mob” at the Space Needle  laid out in Monday’s cartoon strip.

For the non-hip, a “Doonesbury” character explained flash mobs in the next day’s strip: “It’s like Web-generated performance art. People assemble at a designated public place, do something random, and then disperse”

Here’s the Doonesbury comic that inspired it! And here’s lots more about flash mobs.