Word pirates. Take back the…

Word pirates. Take back the language!

They’re our words, dammit!

Marketers, politicians and other short-sighted, self-interested, sticky-fingered people have been stealing our words. Not only do they take them for commercial purposes, but they misuse them entirely. They’re Word Pirates and we’re going to take back what’s rightfully ours.

They invite you to Take Back The Language, to restore words to what they actually mean. You can enter your words online. I just entered two words —

Misspoke: Used by politicians to imply they expressed themselves “imperfectly or incorrectly” (Websters) when in reality, they were lying through their teeth.

Neoliberal: Implies they are a new variant of Liberals, when, in fact, they aren’t liberal at all.

Everyone, join in the fun!