Josh Connole arrested for firebombing

Josh Connole arrested for firebombing

As mentioned here earlier:

 Federal authorities arrested a Pomona solar panel installer Friday in connection with the firebombing of a West Covina Hummer dealership last month, an attack linked to the radical environmental group Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

Josh Connole, 25, was taken into custody outside a Craftsman bungalow that he and five friends had converted into a self-styled co-op dedicated to veganism, conservation and the quest for world peace. Friends said Connole had nothing to do with the vandalism and describe him as a pacifist who is committed to change without violence.

 Sources close to the investigation said that Connole could be seen on surveillance tape shot just before the fire at the Hummer dealership.

Federal investigators followed Connole for three days before arresting him on multiple counts of arson and felony vandalism. He is being held in lieu of $825,000 bail.

In a phone call from his cell, Connole said that agents had the wrong man.

“I didn’t have anything to do with that,” he said. “I didn’t know what Earth Liberation Front was about. Someone mentioned to me the Hummer incident when it happened, but I don’t watch TV or read newspapers. I know nothing about it I’m no more involved in causes than standing on corners with signs. I’m not an active member in any organization.”

Connole said that he was shown the surveillance photos while he was being interrogated and that they bear no likeness to him.

As to a link to ELF, their website implies they had no direct knowledge of the attacks.

Although the ELF Press Office has received no communications about these actions from the persons responsible, spraypainted signatures at all scenes indicates claims of responsibility by ELF activists.