[1] Opus the Penguin returns!

Opus the Penguin returns!

After eight years away from newspapers, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Berkeley Breathed is creating a new comic strip called “Opus,” starring his beloved penguin of the same name.

Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!

Bloom County and Outland live once again!

I am happy and at peace with the world.

Here’s the official(?) announcement Berkeley Breathed’s website:

On November 23rd, after an absence of almost ten years, Opus returns to the nation’s Sunday comic pages.

We can’t, at this time, go into detail as to what he’s been doing during his mysterious missing decade, as Opus is deeply embarrassed about most all of the rumors, especially the one involving his biting off Michael Jackson’s nose during a pajama party at Jackson’s estate in 1999. It will all become clear soon.