Davis slurs Schwarzenegger

Davis slurs Schwarzenegger

From Political Wire

California Gov. Gray Davis “took a dig at” Arnold Schwarzenegger, “telling one potential voter at a campaign stop that ‘you shouldn’t be governor unless you can pronounce the name of the state,'” Fox News reports. “And the Schwarzenegger campaign wants a formal apology.”

California Insider is flabbergasted: “If everything Davis had done, or not done, in the past five years had not already qualified him to be recalled, this alone might do so. It’s disgusting. It’s hateful. And it totally undermines any claim Davis has to the moral high ground.”

I completely agree. Gray Davis, one more time, shows himself to be a repugnant sleaze, capable of raising large sums of barely legal money, campaigning in the gutter, and little else.

The California populace is in the mood to slap politicians around. Gray Davis is a well-deserving target.