Howard Dean endorses Gray Davis

Howard Dean endorses Gray Davis

Presidential candidate Howard Dean Saturday urged Californians to vote against the effort to oust Gov. Gray Davis, calling it part of a plan by right-wing Republicans to subvert democracy.

“I think this is the fourth attempt to undermine democracy in this country by the right wing of the Republican Party since the 2000 elections,” said Dean.

Other examples, he said, were the refusal by the “conservative-dominated United States Supreme Court” to order a recount of the votes in Florida during the 2000 presidential election and separate GOP-led redistricting efforts in Colorado and Texas that could result in a loss of seats currently held by Democrats.

“I believe the right wing of the Republican Party is deliberately undermining the democratic underpinnings of this country,” Dean told a news conference.

I like this. Dean is telling the truth and being bold in doing so.  He, the frontrunner in the Democratic race, is taking pointblank aim at the extremists who have hijacked the Republican Party. With the exception of Al Sharpton, none of the other Democratic candidates including Kucinich, are attacking this hard.