Bush seeks an exit strategy…

Bush seeks an exit strategy as war threatens his career

The President will make a dramatic U-turn on Iraq in a  broadcast tonight to try to salvage his hopes of re-election amid Americans’ growing hostility to the casualties and chaos. George Bush will attempt tonight to convince the American people that he has a workable ‘exit strategy’ to free his forces from the rapidly souring conflict in Iraq,

Golly George, you lied to us for months about the reasons for war and falsified information. Heck when the facts got in the way you just made stuff up, didn’t you? So tell me, why should anyone believe a word you say now?

And if you need more convincing that the Bushies can’t even find the clue train, must less get on board.

U.S. struggling to identify enemy

After four months of military occupation, and in the midst of what most military officials still describe as a war, U.S. commanders and defense officials say they do not have a clear understanding of who they are now fighting.

Well that’s just great. Our supposedly mighty army can’t even figure out who the enemy is! These are the same great thinkers who believed Iraq would offer no resistance since they would be so happy to see us. Tell me, is there anything Bush and the chicken hawks have judged correctly about the Iraq War?