How ’bout some payback for…

How ’bout some payback for Bill O’Reilly?

Bill O’Reilly of Fox “News” is notorious for screaming “shut up, shut up, shut up” at anyone who disagrees with him on his show.

So, I have an idea. Everytime he speaks publicly, let’s have dozens of people in the audience scream “shut up, shut up, shut up” right back at him!

Make it impossible for him to continue. Make it impossible for him to speak anywhere. And generate huge media attention in doing so.

For this to be effective, it should be done every time he speaks in public. The screaming may have to be done when he pauses, rather than as he is speaking (to avoid arrests for heckling).

However multiple people yelling “shut up” loudly every time he pauses, even slightly, in a speech should make it impossible for him to finish speaking. Partly, I’m sure, because he would then lose his temper and start screaming back. Plus the audience would soon fracture and split, causing more chaos. End of speech.

The media should be notified this is being deliberately done as a protest against the grotesquely biased Fox “reporting”, as well as to give back to Bill precisely what he gives to others.

Shove his abuse back in his face. Turn his speaking engagements into chaos. Turnabout is fair play.