Let’s make Microsoft liable for…

Let’s make Microsoft liable for their flawed software

Tired of endless security patches from Microsoft to fix yet one more gaping hole that never should have been there at all? Many people are.

Many security experts now advocate direct regulation, in the form of legislation that makes software companies liable for damage caused by security flaws in their products.

“There’s a reason this kind of thing doesn’t happen with automobiles,” says Bruce Schneier, chief technical officer at Counterpane Internet Security in Cupertino, Calif. “When Firestone produces a tire with a systemic flaw, they’re liable. When Microsoft produces an operating system with two systemic flaws per week, they’re not liable.”

I tell ya folks, I just want a computer system that runs reliably, without the bizarre crashes, inexplicable problems, and maddening security problems that Windows users know far too well.  If millions of users experience the same problems constantly with Windows, then it’s not the fault of the users – it’s the fault of Windows.

But hey, lookee here, new choices are coming

Japan, China, S. Korea to jointly develop Windows replacement

And yes, I know Macs and most especially Linux, simply just run reliably for weeks on end without crashing or getting whacked by a computer virus.