World Beyond Borders

World Beyond Borders

World Beyond Borders just launched their website. They hope for a world without artificial borders, and invite all to join in.

With your help, we hope to grow as an organization and spread a vision for the future that isn’t restricted by the arbitrary political boundaries of nations and the brutal conflicts created by sustaining them. Now more than ever, we are coming to realize that a world beyond borders is the only solution for building a sustainable human civilization in which a global constitution and bill of rights provide liberty and justice for all.

There’s some seriously good writing on the site – thoughts about global government, ideas on different models of governments, and more. Yes it’s Utopian, but there’s practical stuff too! “Head in the clouds and feet on the ground”, a good mix indeed. Plus it’s a fun site.

And check out their contest to design a Earth Flag and Anthem for when the first spacecraft from Earth lands on Mars in 2019! (Click Interactive Activities on the Home Page)

This was co-founded by Eli-Williamson-Jones and Jane Shevtsov. I know Jane a bit, she’s a creative, brilliant thinker, and I predict much good stuff from World Beyond Borders!