Is North Korea next?

Celebration in Kim Il Jung Sq,N Korea,July 2003

Is North Korea next?


President Bush argued Tuesday for sustained involvement in Iraq in the face of mounting casualty tolls and calls to pull out, promising veterans that he would remain “on the offensive against terrorism” even if it meant expanding operations to other countries.

Hello North Korea! A cynic might opine Bush will invade just before the 2004 election for maximum effect on voters.

However the US already has so many troops occupying countries Pyongyang N. Korea July 2003 across the globe that there are none to spare to invade yet another country. This could be a blessing!

An ANSWER volunteer was in North Korea in July with Ramsey Clark, and she took pictures and wrote about it on the ANSWER L.A. website. Yes there’s terrible poverty there, some no doubt due to the embargo and U.S. pressure. Yet by viewing her photos, it’s clear they aren’t all exactly living in mud huts, are they?

The first photo is a celebration in Kim Il Sung Square, the second is Pyongyang out her hotel window. 

South Korean friends tell me that North Koreans are more unified that our media might have you believe. I suspect we will all be learning more about North Korea rather quickly as the Bushies appear to have it in their gun sights. Yet one more reason Bush must not be re-selected in 2004.