Bremer: Billions needed for Iraq

Bremer: Billions needed for Iraq

Iraq will need “several tens of billions” of dollars from abroad in the next year to rebuild its rickety infrastructure and revive its moribund economy, and American taxpayers and foreign governments will be asked to contribute substantial sums, U.S. occupation coordinator L. Paul Bremer said yesterday.

“Occupation coordinator”? Golly, what a perky NewSpeak title for someone who is, for all practical purposes, a hand picked dictator running the civilian end of things for the occupying army. And let’s not forget the reason Iraq needs rebuilding is precisely because of the damage that occupying army did in two invasions plus the havoc caused by years of sanctions.

So now they want everyone else, US taxpayers and other govenments included, to help clean up their mess. Note the unctuous doublespeak language, asking for “contributions”, like they’re raising money for a worthwhile charity or something like that…

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