A nice Orwellian twist

A nice Orwellian twist

Why has the “evidence” Bush used as justification to invade Iraq proven to be false? Was it because our leaders were lying through their teeth and knew it? Was it because they falsified data and launched a propaganda campaign to convince us war was the only option?

No no no. Silly you. It was because Saddam made it all up and had sneaky bogus defectors tell it to us, poor unknowing dupes that we are, and thus we were forced, forced I tell you, into invading them. Yes, those fiendish Iraqis tricked up into going to war against them!

I am not making this up. This “explanation” is front page in the LA Times this morning. Yet a careful reading shows NO facts to back up this conjecture. None, zero, zip. Lots of innuendo, lots of “we suspect”, but, as usual, no actual facts. This is a common Bush tactic. Make outrageous statements, pretend they are facts, then fight tooth and nail when called on them.

In other words, their lying and propaganda machine continues. But it does seem they’re getting a bit desperate, eh? The lies are getting threadbare and transparent, with people more and more understanding the Emperor has no clothes.

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