Howard Dean: Something’s happening here

Howard Dean: Something’s happening here

The Dean campaign is turning into a juggernaut. Big crowds everywhere, a huge grassroots buzz, major money flowing in. This is beyond unusual this early in a Presidential campaign, especially by someone who a few months ago was a virtual unknown.

No, I don’t agree with everything he says, most especially not on Israel and the Middle East. But I’m rather sure a President Dean wouldn’t be assaulting the Constitution or starting lunatic wars, and would be orders of magnitude less extreme than Bush, and right now, that’s good enough for me. Plus, it’s increasingly apparent that he can win.

From the NY Times

The staggering, seemingly spontaneous crowds turning up to meet him — about 10,000 in Seattle on Sunday and a similar number in Bryant Park in Manhattan last night — are unheard of in the days of the race when most candidates concentrate on the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire and would seem formidable even in October 2004.

Yesterday morning, the campaign took another audacious step, saying that it would broadcast television advertisements in six new states beginning on Friday, and that it expected to raise $10.3 million in the three months ending Sept. 30 — more than any other Democrat in a similar period save for President Bill Clinton in 1995.

“We have to be in the president’s face to win,” Dr. Dean, 54, said.

Dean just completed his four day Sleepless Summer Tour to overflowing enthusiastic crowds and raised, via the Net, a whopping one million dollars in those four days.