[1]Thieves in high places: They’ve…

Thieves in high places: They’ve stolen our country and it’s time to take it back

My favorite Texas populist rabble-rouser, Jim Hightower, has a new book out!

His website has excerpts from the book, and also says:

“Here we are, living in the wealthiest country in history, a country of boundless possibilities, a country made up of a people deeply committed to democratic ideals, a country with the potential for spectacular human achievement – but we find ourselves ruled (politically, economically, culturally, and ethically) by a confederacy of kleptocrats.

They have collected up our democratic powers piece by piece, hoarding them in the privacy of their own fiefdoms. These elites (fully abetted by the governmental elites they have bought), now effectively control the decisions that affect We the People – everything from public spending priorities to environmental degradation, wages to war, what’s on the “news” to who gets elected.”