ANSWER infiltrated!

ANSWER infiltrated!

From the truly loony right wing comes a ludicrous “expose” of those devious Lefties of the ANSWER coalition.

The international Communist front A.N.S.W.E.R. recently held their worldwide conference in New York City to plot their diabolical ‘Action Plan’ for the upcoming Fall. Alan infiltrated it with a hidden video camera, and sat in on their strategy sessions and speeches”

I was at that NYC conference, and as the front door was always open, all Alan had to do was walk in. How breathtakingly daring of him. Darn it, I guess our secret mind control techniques didn’t work! Perhaps his pyramid hat made of tin foil saved him. As for that “diabolical action plan” it is posted on the ANSWER website for all to see, so I guess Alan didn’t have to do all that dangerous skulking about after all.
This reminds me of those who got arrested doing civil disobedience in L.A. the day the Iraq War started. The police questioned them, asking who the leaders were and where meetings were held. Which made me laugh, as all L.A. peace coalitions routinely post meeting annoucements on their websites — so all the police had to do was read a webpage and then actually go to a meeting.

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