Texas to cancel – elections?

Texas to cancel – elections?

From DailyKos

“Many in tin-foil territory often claim the Bush Administration would cancel elections if their loss was imminent. Republicans aren’t always the strongest proponents of fair elections (Florida, Texas, California), but to cancel an election? Even they wouldn’t stoop that low. Right?”

“The state’s Republican leadership is looking into the possibility of postponing the March congressional primaries if the boycotting Democratic senators continue to delay the GOP effort to draw new districts”

The Republicans won’t be able to cancel the election, as they need a quorum for the vote to occur. However,  renegade Democrats are hiding out in New Mexico and preventing any votes from happening – which is what has them all pissy in the first place.

They are toddlers having a temper tantrum. Those bad Democrats, they howl, won’t let us ram through our “redistricting plan” (a plan which effectively redistricts Democrats out of existence) so, slamming the rattle on the high chair, they scream the election must be cancelled instead. This is infantile, and, yes, fascist. In democracies, we don’t cancel elections simply because we might not like the outcome.

Maybe those who opine the Bushies would do the same if a Howard Dean was coming on strong, aren’t all that loony after all. Naw, cancelling a Presidential election couldn’t happen here, could it? Things like that only happen in countries where venal, ignorant leaders steal elections, right?

So I must be off in Black Helicopter land, because, as we all know, vicious, decades-long conspiracies just don’t exist, do they?