Blame Shriver

Blame Shriver

CalBlog, a thoughtful, intelligent Republican blog about California politics, has a fascinating piece on how the Schwarzenneger campaign is alienating their Republican base by making blunders of such magnitude that they could only have been made by advisors who know nothing about what Republicans believe.

They think the culprit is Maria Shriver.

“Since Shriver assumed a central role, the campaign has added Shriver’s picture to the campaign website, and has allowed Warren Buffet and Rob Lowe to associate themselves with the campaign.

Now I would expect the Republican operatives in the campaign to know that Republicans dislike Lowe and Buffet. These are things that Republicans just know. No one has to tell us or teach us. It’s almost assumed, like burning the flag. It’s something you just don’t do. Bringing these people on is an example of extremely poor judgment.

I doubt that Maria Shriver, a Kennedy Democrat, would have any understanding of how Republicans think, and she is likely to have a tin ear when it comes to Republican politics”

Quote of the day: Greg…

Quote of the day: Greg Palast

“Californians have found the solution to the deregulation disaster: re-call the only governor in the nation with the cojones to stand up to the electricity price fixers. And unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gov. Gray Davis stood alone against the bad guys... “

I have to disagree with Greg Palast on this. Gray Davis bought 40 billion dollars worth of energy at the absolute peak of the price, and didn’t hedge. As Peter Camejo has pointed out, if Davis had been a CEO that did something that lunatic, he would have been fired.

So, California now must pay inflated prices for energy for years to come. Giving the energy companies a windfall profit is not standing up against them.

And all Davis had to do was hedge. A hedge is a side bet that prices will fall, done with options or futures. As prices fall, the bet becomes worth more. A small hedge could have saved California billions of dollars.

MC5 * A True Testimonial

MC5 * A True Testimonial

The long anticipated documentary about the MC5 played tonight in Hollywood, as part of the Don’t Knock The Rock Festival. Of course I was there! I’ve written about them and the movie here before, and this was a movie I had to see. 

The website for the movie says

The last great untold story of the 1960s is the story of the MC5″,

Their debut album, Kick Out the Jams, set a high-energy sonic standard rarely matched in the thirty years since its release. The MC5’s uncompromising stance and radical affiliations placed them, briefly, at the musical forefront of a generation bent on political and cultural change.”

And that ain’t just hype!

They were one of the most powerful rock bands ever, as well as being hardcore 60’s revolutionary types. One of the producers, while introducing the film, said this was history that was in danger of being lost, and that’s one reason he made the film.

I expected the movie to have amazing never-seen-before footage and interviews, and would show what the MC5 were really about – and it did this superbly well. What I did not expect was the movie would be so powerful and moving.

Like the MC5, I was part of that 60’s protest revolutionary tumult, when cities were burning, leaders were murdered, and our country was engaged in an insane war overseas. (Hmm, well some things never change…) The MC5 were greasers turned militant hippies and, with their manager John Sinclair, were in-your-face political. Constantly harassed by the police – their van was firebombed – they were the only band to play outside the ’68 Democratic Convention in Chicago just before the police went berserk.

The movie shows these years, their dedication for their music, the battles with the record companies, and doesn’t flinch showing how it ended badly, with smashed dreams and too much heroin. Which is how my 60’s ended too, except my drug was meth. However, after a few rough years, the individual members bounced back, and so did I.

Eight years in the making, the movie has only been shown at a few festivals so far. The producers hope for a major distribution deal, if not, then it goes straight to DVD.

At the t-shirt booth afterwards I was talking with one of the producers when a guy about 22 came up and said “Wow, there’s a movie about the MC5 now?”. Y’see, the MC5 still lives…

Oh, the producer says to expect many cool goodies on the DVD, and guitarist Wayne Kramer will be playing in North Hollywood on Wednesday and I expect bassist Michael Davis, who was at the film, will be there too. So will I.

Recall news

Recall news

Federal judge says he may delay California’s Oct. 7 recall

“A federal judge said Friday he may postpone California’s Oct. 7 recall vote, and he ordered Monterey County to refrain from mailing out overseas ballots until issues raised by two civil rights groups are resolved.”

However Ashcroft’s Justice Department can force approval of the election if they choose to.

Poll places Bustamante in lead to succeed Davis

“The California Field Poll found 25 percent of registered voters opted for Bustamante followed by 22 percent for Schwarzenegger.”

Yes, Bustamante…