Latino media whacking Arnold

Latino media whacking Arnold

“It’s not pretty. Terms like xenophobic, anti-immigrant and unimaginable stupidity are being bandied about.

It’s a little of what is going on in the Spanish language media about Arnold’s vote for Prop. 187 and his links to former Gov. Pete Wilson, who was the chief sponsor of the now overturned initiative.

La Opinion in Los Angeles is the largest Spanish language newspaper in the nation with 472,000 daily readers. An article Tuesday by its political editor, Pilar Marrero, quoted Antonio González, head of the the Southwest Voters Registration Project, as saying “to have Pete Wilson as your spokesman is unimaginable stupidity if you want to project an image as a friend of immigrants.”

Univision, a Spanish language television network, carried a story from the Notimex news service that said Prop. 187 “is considered one of the most retrograde and anti-immigrant measures” ever put in place in California.

Notice the difference in language from the English media. Most of the press in California says Prop. 187 was aimed at illegal immigrants. The word illegal doesn’t pop up in these early Spanish language reports. The Notimex story doesn’t qualify or put sources on its “retrograde” description. That represents a considerable difference in the way the Arnold vote is perceived in the Latino community compared to the Anglo population.”