Dag nab those Texans

Dag nab those Texans

Texas keeps trying to steal back the political nutcase crown from California. Well, they can’t have it!

In case you’ve missed this particular piece of political psychodrama, Republicans in the Texas legislature keep trying to ram through a redistricting plan that would – completely fairly in their view no doubt – give them all power and seats in the state legislature forever and ever, and the Democrats can go suck drilling rig mud if they want to get whiny about it.

Well, you gotta hand it to the Texas Democrats. They’ve done more than just complain. They’ve hightailed it out of the state *twice* now, forcing the legislature to shut down because there wasn’t quorum.

The Republican governor has huffed and puffed and threatened them with “sanctions” if they didn’t return quickly. All to no avail, as yesterday, the Texas Supreme Court told the Gov to go suck that drilling machine mud as he has no legal power to force the Democrats to return, or do much of anything else, for that matter.

All in all a masterful piece of street theatre by the Democrats who simultaneously have made worldwide headlines, gotten their point across quite nicely thank you, and as a special added bonus, made the Republicans look like Daffy Duck having a temper tantrum.

So, well done Texas, you are an inspiration! But you can’t have the political nutcase crown. It belongs to California. Because nothing, and I repeat nothing, can trump our upcoming recall election for inspired lunacy, massive dysfunctionality, and a wondrous sense that while yes, the wheels do appear to be coming off rather quickly now, we can certainly “embrace the chaos” as it happens.

(Seriously folks, with politics in California and Texas reaching these Looney Tunes levels, I’m getting the feeling the wheels really are coming off – or that we’re building up to something Major. This is not business as usual…)