Recall machinations

Recall machinations

One refreshing difference about the upcoming California recall election that it won’t be the same tired Democrat vs. Republican blah blah that we usually get. Y’know, the “vote for me because the other guy is worse” ploy. Well, that doesn’t work when’s there’s 157 other candidates…

Plus, in a weird way, the candidates all need each other! Why? Because the more noise made about what a doofus Gray Davis is, the better the chance that he will be recalled. Arianna needs Arnold in the race bringing in Republicans to vote Yes on the recall – she just doesn’t want him strong enough to win. Similarly, Arnold needs Arianna and Peter Camejo to convince Lefties to vote Yes on the recall.

It’ll be amusing to watch Lt. Gov. Bustamente try to run a strong campaign while pretending he wants people to vote No on the recall and that he isn’t really stabbing his boss, Gov. Davis, in the back.

As for Davis, for years his strategy has been precisely that of “vote for me because the other guy is worse”. He’s depended on his fund-raising ability to stay in power, and has few real allies and no friends. So now, when he could use a friend, no one is there. Oh, a few labor unions back him, although I doubt the rank and file does.

California is a mess. Unemployment is rising, services are shutting down, taxes are rising – and people are increasingly angry. Let’s hope some of the candidates actually talk about what can by done, and in a real and substantive way. Well, Arnold is already talking in such vapid soundbites that I regret ever saying he was smart. He’ll not be offering any coherent plans. Nor will the bland Bustamente.

Uberroth, Huffington, and Camejo will have intellegent things to say.  Let’s hope we can hear them as this three-dimensional campaign chess game gets underway.