Mike Feinstein’s bank records handed…

Mike Feinstein’s bank records handed to D.A.

From the front page of the Santa Monica Daily Press today (pdf)

“Criminal probe into alleged money mishandling goes to Los Angeles DA

The saga of City Councilman Mike Feinstein’s handling of $30,000 in Green Party funds looked like an inside political spat when it began. But now it’s up to the Los Angeles District Attorney to decide if he’s guilty of misappropriating the money.

Feinstein¹s bank records, which were seized by police in July after he failed to voluntarily produce them, were handed over to the DA’s public integrity division late last month. LA Deputy District Attorney Richard Ceballos is in charge of the investigation.”

(I am the Bob Morris mentioned in the story. I filed the criminal and civil complaints against Feinstein which led to this investigation)