Arnold voted for Prop 187

 Arnold voted for Prop 187

From DailyKos 

“For the unitiated, the California GOP’s long slide into oblivion began with its ardent support for Proposition 187 — the ballot initiative that denied health and education benefits to undocumented immigrants.

The issue is a killer, especially with California’s large Latino and Asian communities.

Well, it turns out Schwarzenegger voted for Prop 187.

Furthermore, in a political miscalculation of epic proportions, Arnold named former California Gov. Pete Wilson as chairman of his campaign. Wilson is the architect of Prop 187, and arguably the most hated man in California.

Schwarzenegger has just given lie to his claims of moderation in the eyes of most Californians. Yet his party’s right flank is occupied by Simon and McClintock. In addition, he’s taking oncoming fire from Rush Limbaugh and other right-wing personalities.”

If anyone thought Schwarzegger was a moderate, the above shows that to be utterly false.

Oh, as for Lt. Gov. Bustamente, he’s no progressive — “California Lt. Gov. Bustamante endorses Sen. Joe Lieberman for President”.