100 degrees in Britain

100 degrees in Britain

An unprecedented heat wave is clobbering England, and they have no practice or experience in dealing with it. Buses and subways don’t have air-conditioning. Neither do most homes. The 100 degrees reached yesterday, was the hottest day ever recorded for them.

Here in L.A. this weekend, the ANSWER coalition had a yard sale at a home in Burbank. The temperature peaked out at about 100 each day. Yes, it was hot. However Angelenos know how to deal with heat. Take it slow. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Drink lots and lots of water.

In the UK, MD’s are making public announcements telling people not to jog when it’s 100, and please everyone, stay hydrated. Newspapers are saying, close your curtains and shades in the morning and leave them closed. All of which is obvious advice to us in L.A., but not obvious at all to someone living in London where 80 degrees used to be considered very hot. And there’s more hot weather coming.

Rivers dry up as Europe’s heat wave drags on
Fires blaze in Europe’s heat wave

And golly, do you suppose global warming might be responsible for these freakishly high temperatures???