Advice from the Fugs

Advice from the Fugs

From The Fugs new release, The Fugs Final CD (Part 1), some words of wisdom – set to music of course.

When the stapler runs out of staples
do not view it as an evil act of retribution from the cosmos

Those who do not know history are NOT compelled to repeat it. George Santayana was wrong, yes he was, yes he was
Do not expect to be downloaded into an android body-form any time soon

The gutter sometimes wears a tuxedo

Why are you paying so much attention to your mental condition?
– things got very strange up there in Mark Twain’s mind and he did okay

And my favorite

"It’s the economy, stupid"?
No, it’s the stupid economy.

The rest of the CD is equally wonderful. Tuli Kupferberg, who just turned 80, does "Septuagenarian in Love" to the tune of "Teenager in Love", as well as "I’ve been Working for the Landlord" which opines

Someone’s in the Congress with the Landlord
and someone’s getting fucked I know
Well landlord and the Boss fuck the working clawss
From New York to San Diego

The magnum opus is "Perpitude"

Everyone, even a savior or a hero
is a criminal to someone

The song tells how Socrates, Joan of Arc, and Tom Paine were killed or badly abused for beliefs that the masses applauded and revered them for.

It also includes "the first instance in modern musical history of a FBI surveillance memo (ordering round the clock surveillance of John Lennon and Yoko Ono) set to music"

"Perpitude" is about how the best of us may be forced to do the perp-walk, usually by the worst of us.

One of the funniest cuts is "Is".

Well sometimes out of the turmoil & strife
words of wisdom grow

You never know who’s going to come
up with a deathless flow

Philosphy is such an ultimate thing
searching for the Final Ring

(And, you ask, who might that ultimate new philosopher be???)

Cut to the soundbite of Bill Clinton saying
"It depends on what the meaning of the word IS