Issa drops out of recall…

Issa drops out of recall race! Garamendi is in, Gray Davis is toast

Via Rough & Tumble, a superb California political news site

“Gov. Gray Davis’ firewall collapsed Thursday as two prominent Democrats joined the race to replace him in the Oct. 7 recall election, and U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican who helped make the recall a reality, dropped out one day after actor Arnold Schwarzenegger made himself the leading Republican candidate”

And check this out –

Willie Brown — “Democrats will have a very difficult time defeating Arnold Schwarzenegger”.. “we are in trouble on the Democratic side with Gray Davis”.. “we will however continue to try to defeat the recall..”– CNN — 8/7/03 <Willie Brown is Mayor of San Francisco, a hardcore Democrat, and a deeply savvy politician>

News is breaking so fast that, for the first time ever, Rough & Tumble isn’t always providing cites for news items, but instead is just listing the news as it happens.

Another excellent source for recall news is The Mercury News, with their special Recall News page.